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The Galileo Ganymede™ System Controller Board is a 19mm VNX module designed by IDEAS-TEK to supervise the correct operation of the Galileo system and provide fault-tolerance capabilities. Ganymede uses radiation-hardened components to monitor latchup protection circuitry and the operation of COTS components in other modules connected to the Galileo backplane. Additionally, the Ganymede System Controller is designed to carry a COTS PCIe switch mezzanine card with root-complex failover capabilities.For more information please email


IDEAS-TEK designed the Galileo Callisto™ FPGA-Based Single Board Computer to provide high-performance COTS computing power with built-in latchup protection for Galileo hardware systems. Callisto is housed within a conduction-cooled VNX 19mm module and communicates via the Galileo high-speed backplane.

Callisto supports a Artix®-7 FPGA SoM or a Zynq® Ultrascale+ FPGA SoM as a mezzanine card. For more information please email


Galileo is a radiation-tolerant implementation of the VNX (VITA 74) standard that enables agile deployment of modular, high-performance, high-reliability, conduction-cooled systems in nanosatellites and satellite payloads. The IDEAS-TEK's ecosystem around VNX consist of several modules readily available for deployment. For more information please email

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