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Engineering & Technology Development

Our team provides its embedded system design and software development expertise at all stages in the R&D process for technology development. From conceptualization, through proof-of- concept, to prototype and pre-production runs our team will ensure the success and timely completion of your project. Our experience includes products delivered in the aerospace, defense, medical, and emergency responder markets.

Embedded System Design
  • Hardware selection

  • Analog/digital circuit design

  • PCB design

  • FPGA RTL development

  • Microprocessor implementation

  • System design

  • Radiation hardened design

  • System integration

Software Development
  • C/C++, Python, Forth

  • Database integration

  • Matlab, Labview

  • OpenCV

  • Image processing and computer vision

  • Control and dynamic systems

  • Digital signal processing

  • Software defined radio

  • Hardware optimization

  • Manufacturability

  • Software optimization

  • Turn-key pre-production run

  • Fabrication and evaluation protocols

  • Product documentation

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