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Introducing IDEAS-TEK's
High Performance Spaceflight Computing Solutions

"The objective of HPSC is to develop a next-generation flight computing system that addresses computational performance, energy management and fault tolerance needs of NASA missions through 2040 and beyond." -NASA

At IDEAS-TEK we're committed to advance the HPSC ecosystem with our VNX+ computing creations.

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In Partnership

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VNX+ Overview

VITA 90 is a standard for plug-in modules that is currently in development as an enhancement from ANSI/VITA 74 (VNX). VITA 90 is designed to be inherently rugged and conduction cooled targeting Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) critical applications.

Imagine VPX systems but smaller size, lower power and more economic!

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VNX+/VNX Ecosystem

Radiation Hardened Power, Supervisory, and Lower-Performance Digital modules. Provides high-reliability functionality and implement system-level fault tolerance for increase in overall system availability.

Radiation Tolerant Computing and Embedded modules that integrate COTS and Rad-Hard components. This results in a subcomponent with stand-alone expanded lifetime and increased availability.

These modules mostly use COTS components to mitigate radiation effects. They include necessary components for system-level fault-tolerance techniques typically managed by rad-hard supervisory circuits in the system.

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VNX+ System

IDEAS-TEK’s HPSC module configuration will enable application complex and switching functionality in a single package. This will allow us to deploy the HPSC as the anchor of significant computing and data processing capabilities for critical applications while enabling the interfacing with every modern device in the space and terrestrial ecosystem

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Current Status

· Mechanical design and analysis in progress
· All critical architectural components identified
· Ready to complete full specification and begin electronic design
· First integration opportunity implementing AI-based autonomy to be completed in July 2025
· Two additional adoption opportunities in development

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VNX+ HPSC Module

· 39mm VNX+ module
· Full application complex functionality
· 4x 10 Gigabit Backplane Ethernet to Application Complex
· x8 PCIe/CXL to application Complex
· Up to twelve 10Gig-Ethernet lanes connected to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) switch fabric
· Spacewire, SPI, I2C support

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