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The VNX Ecosystem

VITA 90 is a standard for plug-in modules designed to be rugged and conduction cooled targeting Size, Weight and Power critical applications. Imagine the VPX systems but smaller size, lower power, and more economical!

IDEAS-TEK has built an ecosystem with the most important building blocks for a computing or data processing system in the ultra-compact VNX+/VNX form-factor.

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Radiation Tolerant VNX+ System (RTVS)

VNX+ aligned System Chassis designed for 3-to-5-year nominal lifetime missions with reliable modular integration of external systems.

Rad-Hard VNX+
System Monitor

VNX+ 19mm module that provides Rad-Hard system management and implements radiation-related fault mitigation techniques.

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Rad-Hard VNX+
Power Supply

VNX+ 39mm module with a Rad-Hard isolated power supply of 28V nominal input and all VNX+ system voltage outputs.

Radiation Tolerant

VNX+ 39mm module that integrates the latest computing capability specifically design for space.

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VNX aligned 33mm module based on COTS TI SITARA ARM/DSP/GPU processor integrated with radiation tolerant memory, power and supervisory circuits.

Radiation Tolerant VNX Machine learning Accelerator

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VNX aligned 33mm Rad-mitigation module that enables integration of the NVIDIA TX2i GPU to the VNX+ systems. 

Radiation Mitigated

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VNX aligned 19mm module that provides Rad-Hard system monitoring to manage radiation-related faults.

Rad-Hard VNX
System Monitor

VNX Aligned 19mm module that enables the seamless integration of Xilinx and Microchip FPGAs and MPSoCs into a VNX/VNX+ chassis.

Radiation Mitigated

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Radiation Mitigated
VNX+ Storage

Currently in development.
Stay in our orbit!

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